We believe in making our client and their product shine. It is our focus to set them apart in the expanding South Pacific tourism industry and the growing North American visitor market by strategically delivering their unique story.

Relationships are important to us. Which is why we value the strong partnerships we have developed within the travel industry. Our personal representation in New Zealand, Australia and North America provide us the opportunity to ensure wholesalers and industry partners are well informed and up to date with our clients’ key point of differences. We believe in making our client and their product shine. It is our goal to set our clients apart by strategically delivering their unique story to our travel industry partners.


Sunset Resort – Rarotonga, Cook Islands

We have worked with Sandi and the Vibe Pacific team since we took over the management of Sunset Resort in 2011. Sandi’s expertise and professionalism made our transition that much smoother and we are very thankful for her representation of our resort. Her industry knowledge and extensive contacts within the travel industry are central to the growth of our resort. We look forward to continuing our relationship with Sandi and her team as they continue to strengthen the Sunset Resort brand.

– Tim and Colleen Darby, Resort Managers

Palm Grove Resort – Rarotonga, Cook Islands

The Vibe Pacific team are innovative and easy to work with. They are enthusiastic about their job and always make a great impression with wholesale travel staff, travel agents and travel consumers alike. We initially contracted Vibe Pacific to develop our brand in the New Zealand market and have been impressed with their cost-conscious approach to maximising our marketing dollars. The increased exposure we have gained in the New Zealand market has led us to recently extend our contract with Vibe Pacific to include the Australian market as well.

– Betsy Eisler, Owner

Koka Lagoon Cruises – Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Our relatively new tour operation needed an extra push to raise brand awareness and to strengthen our profile in the South Pacific tourism market. We have worked with Vibe Pacific for just over a year now and Sandi and her team are doing a fantastic job in making this happen for us. Sandi has great enthusiasm and commitment to our product which she clearly demonstrates through her representation for us. She is very personable and friendly and has been excellent in promoting our product and increasing our exposure in the marketplace. We are very happy with the services Sandi and her team provide and look forward to our continued relationship.

– Serena Hunter, Manager

Volivoli Beach Resort & Ra Divers – Fiji

Sandi’s dedication and work ethic as Managing Director of Vibe Pacific is outstanding. She took the time to understand our business and helped develop a marketing strategy that best suited our needs as an evolving resort. Sandi and her team are connected to an extensive network within the tourism industry making Vibe Pacific an extremely valuable asset. Not only have Vibe Pacific developed new and existing marketing opportunities but have also strengthened our brand and resort awareness through ongoing PR exposure. It is, and will remain, a pleasure doing business with Sandi and Vibe Pacific.

– Nick Darling, Managing Director

Time Unlimited Tours – New Zealand

Why Neill and I chose Sandi @ Vibe Pacific to be part of marketing our business?

Hindsight as they say is a wonderful thing but now with our past and proven experience with Sandi at Vibe Pacific we can honestly say investing in a representation company has generated what all businesses need which is return on that investment.   It is never an easy decision to take on representation for your family business when you have developed it from scratch and it has been your total focus for many years.  We had a choice to continue with our own marketing efforts to generate similar results or look proactively at a collaborative model that provides flexibility of another marketing resource who is out in the field, in-market, in-touch and on the ground pursing opportunities or providing relevant updates to industry.  It came down to the fact we simply could not achieve the growth we needed for our business sustainability with our limited marketing resources on a timely basis (excuse the pun!). 
Looking back what continues to make us realise we have made a sound decision is from the outset Sandi and her team have had a strong vested interest in that our success is undoubtedly their success. We were also well aware of other representative companies and had seen first-hand how others appeared to represent their own interests before their client companies.  Sandi has always been an integral part of our team, living our brand and representing us as we would present ourselves – a personal yet professional approach to relationship building, culturally astute with overwhelming Kiwi pride and a one-eyed focus on NZ as a destination of choice for our potential clients. 
Her extensive experience and reputation speaks for itself with being well connected and truly admired by industry trade partners and peers and a positive point of difference is that she is actually a New Zealander passionate about selling products from her homeland.  Her optimistic personality and love of life really stands out for us as these are the types of people we already have work with us.  We are often provided with unsolicited feedback on how impressed people are when dealing with Sandi and most importantly how passionate she is about our business, New Zealand and our Pacific Region.  
We realise many other forward thinking and progressive businesses, family businesses like ours, could benefit from using Sandi and the team at Vibe Pacific to grow their business potential.  For us it is not a question now of whether we can afford it, the answer now is we can’t afford not have this invaluable business marketing resource.  We therefore have no hesitation in recommending you to actively consider having Sandi and Vibe Pacific be part of your marketing efforts.  We would welcome you to contact us if you wish to have a confidential chat with us about our experience in choosing what we now know has been a proven success and return on investment for us!
Nga mihi nui Ceillhe Sperath – KaiTohu/Co-Founder & Director of TIME Unlimited Tours
PS: I love Proverbs and here is a fitting Maori Whakatauki I would like to share with you and that sums up how we feel about working with Sandi at Vibe Pacific:
Ehara taku toa, he takitahi, he toa takitini – My success should not be bestowed onto me alone, as it was not individual success but success of a collective’


Sharon Martin, Product Manager, Lifestyle Holidays – First Travel Group, New Zealand

The team at Vibe Pacific represent their clients with passion and energy and are not afraid to take on a challenge. They are extremely effective at unlocking the secret of the product they are representing by taking the time to understand their client’s business and finding distinctive ways to market it.

Sandi and her team are well known in the South Pacific travel trade industry, with particularly strong affiliations in New Zealand. They have a strong presence at Trade Shows, consistently offering enthusiasm and excitement about their clients, and always keen to commit to retail training opportunities. They represent their client’s product with in-depth knowledge which enhances their ability to ensure the travel trade fully understands the point of difference they are selling.

Bob Bourdon, Product Manager, South Pacific Division – All About Tours, USA

Working with Sandi and the Vibe Pacific team is always a pleasure. The enthusiasm they have for both product and destination shows in every aspect of what they do. Their product knowledge extends past the properties they represent to include the destinations they are located in as a whole. They are always available to answer questions and to help with promotions or presentations. I look forward to a continuing partnership with Vibe Pacific and the properties they represent.

Kerryn Cook, General Manager, Australia – Cook Islands Tourism Corporation

Entrusting someone to represent your business as well and as passionately as you would yourself, requires a great amount of trust and belief.  You can’t be there to hear everything they are saying, or see how they are conducting themselves, you can’t know if numbers are increasing because they are effective, or if they are truly forging relationships that will help to position your product in the marketplace and get you cut-through…

But I do know who is effective because I have the privilege of being the General Manager for Cook Islands Tourism Corporation in Australia. I am in the market and working with product representatives from a myriad of product representation companies. I get asked all the time to recommend product reps, or to write references. In fact in my entire 25 years of being in the travel industry, I have only ever agreed to write a handful of testimonials because my word must have meaning. I must also believe in their work, their dedication, their passion, their exceeding expectations and their perspective, their character and their integrity. I’m proud to stand up for Sandi Reily and say that I count her among a select few who I can openly recommend.

 Sandi cares for her products’ reputations and fights to get them seen and heard.  She energetically pursues opportunities, is always responsive and timely with her communications, and is immersed in the market landscape having relationships with all the key influencers.

Sandi is at home negotiating with Managing Directors as much as bringing the fun and enthusiasm to front-line sellers.  She is frugal on expenses and really conscious of the fact that she represents small businesses so is always seeking to share rooms, book advance flight reservations and generally manages her products like she is the owner.  She has integrity that I’ve seen in action many times over the years and I value that over all her clever ideas for marketing her products; how willing she is to jump in and think outside the box, how committed she is to the Cook Islands vision and how she is direct, she pulls no punches and you know where you stand with her during negotiations.

Sandi is an all-rounder:  from marketing to training; from ideas to sales;  from energy to opportunity and from effectiveness to integrity.  The foundation of anybody who is entrusted to promote your product has to be strong.  Sandi’s is built on integrity and her strength of character is what makes her the success she is. I have no hesitation in endorsing Sandi to you.  Your business needs her!

Gordon Bayne, Head of Travel, Scoopon Travel – Australia

It is always exciting to work with a partner in business like Vibe Pacific. I think the real strength of a good partnership is the shared understanding of achieving the objectives of both the client you are representing and the trade partner who is helping you to achieve this. When these are both met it is always going to be a great marriage! A real ‘moment of truth’ was when we partnered with Volivoli Beach Resort to launch a full page NZ Herald advertisement. Here was a boutique resort making their big debut in the New Zealand market and it was a very exciting moment for all of us.

Sandi is very committed to measurement which is critical for all parties to ensure that we are achieving the right level of sales. I know how good Sandi is at offering solutions to our challenges and also at looking ‘outside the square’ to achieve additional visibility. Sandi is great at taking our trade feedback back to their client’s and to recommend change if it is going to improve the overall product, process and experience. This would have to be their “unique selling point” – if something is wrong they will fix it. Vibe Pacific is one of most effective marketing representation companies in the New Zealand and Australian markets and I am happy to give my support and recommendation to their great work and to the Vibe Pacific business.

Robyn Brown, Contracting Manager, Creative Holidays – Travel Corporation, Australia

I have dealt with Sandi and the team at Vibe Pacific for over 12 months and have always found them to be professional, enthusiastic and efficient. Sandi takes a very pro-active approach with her product range, using every opportunity to suggest ways to work together to our mutual advantage. Responses and requests are dealt with in a timely manner and it is always a pleasure to deal with someone with such a positive attitude.