Vibe Pacific is not just a name. It is a vibrant representation of your product in global markets.

We are an experienced and professional team with invaluable insight in the South Pacific and North American leisure travel markets. We offer personal representation of your business to our extensive network of travel industry contacts in New Zealand, Australia, North America, UK and Europe.

Sandi Reily, Managing Director of Vibe Pacific, fell in love with the pure beauty and natural friendliness of the Pacific and established Vibe Pacific in 2010 following a previous role as Marketing Manager of a successful Cook Island resort.

Sandi’s desire to support local businesses, to create opportunities for others to visit, and experience the Pacific Islands is the sheer essence of Vibe Pacific. Today, Sandi and her specialised sales and marketing team successfully promote resorts and tourist operators in the South Pacific including boutique hotels and lodges in New Zealand and Australia.

Sandi has recently taken up residency in the US providing a credible New Zealand, “face to face contact” with Vibe Pacific’s well established travel industry contacts in North American leisure travel markets.

Vibe Pacific are proud of the strong relationships they have built with their clients and the extensive partnerships they have nurtured within the travel industry. Total dedication, loyalty and belief in their clients’ product have proven to be key qualities of the Vibe Pacific team. Their ability to use “local” knowledge to identify opportunities and drive positive changes for their clients also adds to the unique appeal that Vibe Pacific has to offer.


Sandi Reily

Sandi Reily


I have an extensive background in customer service, sales and marketing with strong, well-established relationships in the New Zealand, Australian and North American travel trade industries.  My passion for Vibe Pacific developed from a desire to lead others to discover the extraordinary experiences I have enjoyed throughout the South Pacific. I have recently taken up residency in the US providing a credible New Zealand “face to face contact,” with Vibe Pacific’s network of travel trade industry contacts in the US and Canada.


Sarah Collins

Operations Manager

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate to experience living in Rarotonga and the Netherlands. I have travelled through Europe, USA, Australia and the Pacific. I love to travel and there is plenty more I wish to do!

Following my passion, I have been able to pursue a career in the travel industry, starting with Fine Travel as a Digital Analyst then with Mondo Travel as an Online and Local Marketing Executive while completing my Bachelor of Business degree. On completion of my degree I worked for Virgin Australia as an Travel Industry Account Manager and then Cook Islands Tourism as a Sales Ambassador.

I am passionate about the travel experiences I have had.  I love to add a personal touch when it comes to promoting and marketing the Pacific, to help create great memories and experiences.


Linley Caudwell

Marketing Analyst

I started working in the travel industry 20 years ago when a holiday to the Pacific Islands was a major luxury, today it is a family favourite. I have travelled overseas extensively but my only destination for a truly relaxing holiday is to the Pacific Islands. When I talk to travellers at travel shows I am able to share my passion for the Pacific, sharing tips on the best days to arrive, where to go and what to do.


Hiria Rae

Marketing Representitive

Hiria has over 30 years experience in sales and marketing. She was instrumental in disrupting the New Zealand scuba diving industry through innovative franchise and consumer marketing. She joined Air New Zealand in 2005 where she worked in a complex and multi-operational environment which included airline operations, customer experience, talent sourcing and acquisition along with employee engagement.

Hiria is an avid traveller and passionate about the products that Vibe Pacific represents. She enjoys a collaborative approach to partnering with clients to understand their needs and create solutions that achieve better business outcomes and contribute to creating an industry that is profitable and sustainable.